Since 1962

Cedar Creek

Memory Care Community Edmonds, WA


Square Feet


Rentable SF







$21.5 M

Project Cost

“Our ambition to build a roughly 75,000 square foot community on a 1.5 acre parcel forced us to explore a completely new design model. From beginning to end, Cedar Creek was a landmark project for Koelsch Construction and the finished result is stunning.”

— Brent Schumacher, President, Koelsch Construction

Koelsch recently completed an innovative project in Edmunds, Washington which utilized an adaptive design and construction process. Cedar Creek required all the amenities of a standard 3 acre Memory Care project in half of the space. Proven leadership, ingenuity and expertise delivered a community that exceeded the client’s expectation.

On top of the numerous vertical design challenges, the Edmonds parcel would require an underground storm vault sized just under a football field.

Before the foundations’ concrete pour could begin for all of the ground floor and second floor deck — 11 feet high in places — the foundation’s support needed to be reinforced with roughly 40 steel pilings after the crew discovered and removed “unsubstantiated” fill from over the years, including bicycles, asphalt, timber, tires, and concrete.

Over the course of construction, an additional layer of strategy was put in place for efficiency sake.

“Constructing this type of building on a small piece of property meant we had to be very creative from a space management standpoint. Careful planning went into who would work where, otherwise you would have different trades on top of each other, and no one can be productive.”

— Brent Schumacher, President, Koelsch Construction

Cedar Creek stands alone in our portfolio. Through a disciplined approach, Koelsch Construction delivered on a quality product that met the exacting needs of the client.