Since 1962

Canyon Creek

Memory Care Community Billings, MT


Square Feet


Rentable SF







$8.5 M

Project Cost

Canyon Creek was constructed in the close knit community of Billings, MT.

Koelsch Construction deliberately designed and built out a community that paid careful attention to the surrounding area while providing for the exacting requirements of the clientele.

During the construction process the team uncovered a few noteworthy opportunities to demonstrate the craftsmanship and attention to detail expected by the clientele. The courtyard area and entryway were upgraded to achieve the expectation of creating spaces that are both, welcoming and sophisticated.

This single-story, 33,000 sq ft building houses 67 residents and includes many custom amenities including nurses stations, an industrial kitchen and a beautiful gallery.

The craftsmanship of this buildout is complimented by the cutting edge technology included in this property.  Top of the notch safety, heating/cooling, and special needs components are some of the standout features of Canyon Creek.

The Koelsch Construction team is very proud of this project.

We accomplished our stated goals of matching the architectural environment while maintaining flexibility to the client as opportunities were uncovered during the buildout of this community.